The little Ship that could.

I just got an alumni email informing me that both presidental campaigns have reached out to the university to contract visits -- Palin for the GOP and Gov Rendell on behalf of Obama. REALLY? Go little school, go!

However, according to the Chambersburg Public Opinion - "Students for Barack Obama held an "Unwelcome Wagon" demonstration when vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin rolled onto Shippensburg University's campus." That's my school.

Regardless, WHAG-TV, MD reported that Palin told the crowd she was happy to be on the campus of Shippensburg University, and even pledged support to the Red Raiders.

Whatever your political beliefs, Ship is on the map. Represent!

Maybe I'll fill out my ballot tonight. Exciting! Carly & I are celebrating Nov 4th with an Americana meal -- what that will be is TBD but you better believe apple pie will be involved.

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