Dave is coming, Dave is coming

Oh happy day....oh happy day. My man is coming and he is coming to me. Such a gent!

TWO shows, count that, TWO shows here in NYC (well one in North Jersey). One at the IZOD center (next to Meadowlands) and one at thee Garden...and what's that you say Dave? You're celebrating the new album release at the Garden on April 14? I'm sorry - that's the first show of the tour? Well, you have outdone yourself young man.
My theory that I'd only go to one show this Spring tour just went out the door.

He's not playing the Midwest, so Fasha, I'm looking to you to come visit your daughter on April 14th. Angie, I'm looking to you to find a babysitter or introduce Alyssa to the world she is bound to live in - Daveland.

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