I'm sorry Scott

After starting the season 5-1, the Bills have again returned to Buffal-uh-oh...slipping to 6-8 with last night's loss to the Jets, officially taking them out of the playoffs. I'm sorry Scott.

Poor JP just couldn't pull it out. He played a pretty good game, but when it came time to clinch, he just couldn't do it. Actually, he is one of the worst QBs under pressure that I've ever seen. Sorry Scott.

I had the pleasure (?) of being assigned to JP's press conference last night. He was like a piece of meat, but not in the good way. He was torn to shreds (thinking of pulled pork here). After multiple inquiries of why he didn't hand the ball to the CB behind him (JP fumbled on this play), he finally had to resort to "Next Question" - the first time I've heard that in my press conference attending experience. He also didn't make sense some of the time...but then again, I'm sure he didn't want to face anyone, especially media, after that last fumble. However, the fumbled play was supposedly not JP's fault. It was Coach Jauron's. Not sure which is worse actually. Sorry Scott.

I bantered with my bro quite a bit during the game. He started out excited when the Bills picked off Favre sometime in the 3rd...and then again when they took the lead. Sadly, that would be the last time he got excited that game. Sorry Scott.

I have attached a headline and story that sums up many's feelings on the Bills after last night -"Buffalo Bills are a joke and Losman is the punch line." Ouch. Sorry Scott.

In respect to my brother, I shall post a picture of him in happier times...when the Bills were 4-0 and the playoffs were not a matter of "if," but a mere "when."

I am truly sorry Scott.


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