Oh I'm like a kid in a candy store with this City! Whether it's Dave at the Garden or the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade, there's one event after another that I've been excited about since moving here. I am thrilled to add another to the list!

If you're a Beatles nut like me, you may know that Monday, December 8th marks 28 years since John Lennon was killed here in NYC. There is a memorial in Central Park - Strawberry Fields - that fans go to celebrate his amazing contributions to music (duh Carly). You may remember that I went there my first week of moving here and radomly, there was a group singing Beatles tunes. There wasn't a specific occassion or event as to why they were playing...they were just playing to honor John. And for that, I love this City.

So...as Dec. 8th drew closer, I knew something would be going on in celebration of his life and music. Well my peeps, I found it:

John Lennon tribute concert will be held in Central Park Bandshell
A free tribute gig to John Lennon will take place in New York's Central Park. For The Love Of Lennon, organised by New Arts NYC, will commemorate the life of the music legend on December 7, the eve of the 28th anniversary of his tragic assassination.
The two-hour-long concert at the Central Park Bandshell will be led by professional musicians, encouraging fans to sing along to their favourite Beatles songs and pay homage to the icon.

Yah for New York to recognize. Yah for John Lennon for being awesome. Yah for me to be able to go. Yah.

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