Light vs. Lit

Well as Roomie said it best last night, we didn't make it to the Rockefeller Tree Lighting, but we definitely got lit.

We met up with the one and only Megan Mc. from MS&L/Atlanta while she was in the City for some NASCAR stuff. We went to Mama Mexico which was very fun and festive - full Mariachi band and all. We had plenty of margs, we had guacamole (or I should say Roomie and Megan had it, I stuck with the salsa), and plenty of food to go around. It was an awesome night and I do love me some Mexican and Megan!
I'm sorry I missed the tree, but not sorry that I missed the crowds and had a yummy dinner...just walking to meet Megs was complete and utter nutso! We had to wait in lines just to cross the street! I'm sure we'll venture over soon enough to check it out for ourselves...and besides, there's always next year when Jordan Palmer can join in the festivities.

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megmcg said...

I'm there to light up the night anytime, girls! See you in a week!