Missing in Action

So....hi everyone.

I can't believe its been over a month, but I am back, and I am ready to chat away! It's been a busy few weeks: From the Super Colon in Times Square (yes folks, an 8 ft x 20 ft inflatable colon - can't make this up) to a FDA Advisory Committee meeting in Washington , DC, I have been a busy gal.

You may be thinking, how could you leave us and not give us any kind of warning, and to that, I apologize. I am not one to dwell on the past or live in regret, so let us look to the future that is full of possibilities, full of excitement, and best yet, full of Dave!

Roomie and I are about to embark on a wild couple of months - April and May are sure to cause me to spontaneously combust. Look at these "Key Dates o' Awesome:"

April 12: Easter. Though I am not a religious person nor am I going home to celebrate, I felt I should highlight this day for two reasons: 1) Ten Commandments will be on TV (best movie ever) and 2) Chocolate bunnies.

April 14: Release of the DMB Album: "Big Whiskey and the Groogrux King" AND the Madison Square Garden show. I have taken both the 14th and 15th as vaca days as I will be useless in a work environment. I fully intend to become the Groogrux Queen.

April 17-19: Celebrating nephew's b-day in Connecticut. Birthday cake.

Weekend-o-awesome (This will also be a separate post...too much to talk about right here)
  • May 2: Roomie's favorite day of the year...Dane Cook show

  • May 3: Tribute to Pete Seeger at MSG: We're talking Dave, Eddie, Ben, Bruce, Kris...it's out of control. If Kris Kristofferson sings "Me & Bobby McGee" and Dave and Ben/Eddie sing together, I will die. Die.

May 14: Leave for Miami with Roomie...party it up. Reconnect with the family and tan, tan, tan.

May 15: Scott & Trina's rehearsal dinner - yum.

May 16: Scott & Trina's wedding - I am "Best Woman" on Scott's side. We will dance like we've never danced before.

May 17-18: Hang with the Muzzarelli's in Ft. Lauderdale - yah!

May 21: Happy Bday Fasha

May 30: Scott & Trina's reception in Illinois - woo-woo!

That's it for now - but a busy two months ahead!


Anonymous said...

oh my. I saw you posted something on a Mandy Moore article about deleting her from your mp3 player. Well, I must say, "Wild Hope" redeems everything she ever did before. Give her a chance. And check out her website, she has 30 second clips of all her new songs!

Roomie said...

Thanks for the advice, I might just have to check her out again. We'll see. :)