Got shawarma?

It was a weekend for the books! Between the Wii, the Vickerys, the friends, the fun, the movie (I Love You Man) and of course the shawarma, it was beyond expectations!

It did however get off to a rocky start. Three of my girls were unfortunately laid off this past Friday. I love them all and I tell you (and not because I am biased), but they are all amazing and will be F-I-N-E. I will leave it at that because if they are not willing to dwell, I supposed I can not either...but know this - I LOVE THEM! You know who you are! ;)

On to the good news of the weekend - I was fortunate enough to gallivant even more than I had before! Friday night we grabbed some of the best pizza in the South - Mellow Mushroom. The
Kosmic Karma is dreamy enough to turn any square into a bonafide octagon (I admit, I have no clue what that means.) We (Kristal, Sarah and myself) went to Papa Mike's (SOOO good to see him) to eat and play some Wii with the family. Mike's wife Maria was awesome and made sure we had yummy desserts to cap the evening! Thank you Mike for jumpstarting my addiction to Wii bowling. :)

Saturday led to lots of sleeping and cheesecake with my "Live in Georgia, but are from Pennsylvania" parents! We had a fantastic time catching up and it was so nice to see them. I got to rub it in Roomie's face that I was eating cheesecake with the fam - doesn't get much better than that!!

Saturday night led to shawarma. Shawarma was all around. For those of you who are not aware, shawarma is the reason for the season. It is the essence of life, the essence of being. It is also a Greek method of cooking chicken or beef. But to all of those involved this weekend, shawarma is a way of living.

Saturday night was a blast. It was soooo good to be back with my girls and man (Jon is THEE man, very shawarma indeed). We ate, we danced, we drank, we sang. It was almost too good to be true!

Sunday consisted of Vickerys, sleep, "I Love You Man" (hilariousity), Little 5 Pizza and of course, my girls and favorite boyfriend.

Monday brought my Lia - which made me dance! It was great to catch up with her no matter the circumstance! We had our tapas and 1/2 priced wine before I headed to the airport. Sarah, Jon, Amelia and Kristal joined as well...I almost purposely missed my plane.

But now I am back in the big ole City...ready to plan (or actually have Amelia and Mike plan) for my next ATL adventure. I love and miss you all!! Thank you Mike and Amelia for making it happen!!

And thank you Megan My Love for the pics - they perfectly represent the weekend-o-shawarma!

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Roomie said...

Days without Vickery's: 2 for you - too long for me. :( I'm countin down! Oh yes, I'm countin down!

Sounds like a weekend dreams are made of - yay!!