So much to say ;) ;) -- it's been a while and I've been a busy girl. After visiting friends from the North (Lancaster, PA) to the South (Atlanta, GA) I've had a crazy month full of fun with more to come now that I'm back in NYC.

Actually, I was fully reminded that I'm back in the city yesterday when Carly and I ran out to grab a bite for lunch. When heading from the restaurant -- yummy Q2 Thai again -- to the office a gust of wind came whipping through the buildings to which I reacted by making an annoying, high-pitched brrr sound, because I'm classy. Regardless, the man walking in front of us heard my lovely noise causing him to turn and smile. That man was Anthony Edwards. Only in New York!

Also in random New York City celeb news, it looks like we are getting a new neighbor. Apparently Madonna just purchased a brownstone on the Upper East Side, E. 81th Street to be exact. Let's just say we are close people, very close. But that begs the question, do you think the Material Girl would prefer for us to stop by with a pie or a basket of muffins to welcome her into the neighborhood? Seriously, only in New York!

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