6 degrees of Dane

So I am loving this fall weather. The crisp and chilly air causes me to basically oversleep a few minutes every morning for work, hence why I was again, running late this morning.

But...my lateness was a reward for my roomie (in a weird way that is). I saw Robert Kelly (he's in the blue jacket). Yeah, I didn't know his name either and probably wouldn't know his face if it weren't for my roomie. He's a comedian that went on the road with Dane Cook for the comedy tour, Tourgasm. While he smoked a cigerette and stood 5'0 or however tall he is this morning, it made me think: He knows Dane. He has Dane's number. My roomie loves Dane. I should've acted faster. But to be honest, only one side of my earphones work on my MP3 player and Dave was on. I was straining to hear "Two Step." I was distracted.

This post is an apology. I failed you roomie. I could've used my super hot "I'm-tired-and-don't-want-to-go-to-work" moves to get Dane's number for you. But I did not. I failed you.

Note: "Two Step" in only one ear is better than no "Two Step" at all.

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Roomie said...

Damn it roomie, I'm going to need those digits. Please use this as a lesson to learn from. ;) Good sighting though!

I myself don't think Robert is that funny -- though he did have a good bit about appetizers. But Gary once told this joke about cookies that had me crying laughing. Hilarious! Take away: I not only like to eat food, I also think it's funny.