New York is for insomniacs

What did insomniacs do before the internet? It's 6:00 am, and I am wide awake. It appears my experience with the bar crawl from last night didn't wear me out enough for a full night's rest...interesting.

Here's what kills me about being up this early on a Sunday when I had no intentions of being up this early on a Sunday: I will crash at noon when pre-game chatter begins. I will then go on to sleep through the first set of games and perhaps into the first quarter of the second set. I will then wake up, eat something really bad for me, and then proceed to lay around thinking about my wasted day and all of the things I could've done had I not woken up at 5:00 am.

In my previous life (IL, KY, GA), I would be eating a Totino's pizza right about now. Now, this is not the place where I can complain about lack of pizza options but let me say this. Totinos is the best $1.05 frozen pizza ever created. On my NYC budget, it is a beautiful meal full of cheesy goodness. However, I have yet to find a Totinos pizza in this city. That may be because the best slices are just around every street corner, but sometimes it's 6:30 am on a Sunday morning. Sometimes you just need that Totino's comfort in your freezer. I'm just sayin.

In happier news, Heather and I had a lot of fun on a bar crawl yesterday afternoon/last night. However, we didn't end the night on peanut butter cup perfection like we vowed to do...instead Heather stumbled into Duane Reade's for some Oreos and milk. Turns out her charm got her some free milk...at least that's what I think I remember her saying as I passed out to the end of SNL on our couch. Duane Read doesn't have soy milk and so I didn't participate in the oreo goodness, but promise I thought about it long and hard.

Oh yes....don't be jealous of that exciting New York life of ours.

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Holly said...

Carly- you are too funny! I love reading your postings....before long you'll have a movie - or a TV show at minimum -- based on your experiences. Glad to hear that NYC is agreeing with you!