Doin mama proud

I love passionate men. I love Dave Matthews. So I believe it is logical to conclude that Dave Matthews is a passionate man.

Here he goes again. The second free show he has given in support of Barack. If you've been following the election, Virginia is on the verge of becoming a blue state for the first time in decades. Dave, who hails from VA, is doing his part to see that the state goes uber blue just in time for election day. http://www.inrich.com/cva/ric/news.apx.-content-articles-RTD-2008-10-17-0149.html

You may be asking yourself, free Dave show, are you going Carly? Are you? You have to. Are you?

Well...I've already looked into it and realized that I actually have the Monday after the show off (he's playing on a Sunday, my mom's birthday ...are you beginning to see the stars align?). However, the show is only for VA residents and students. What about the folks that hail from Barack's political playground?

Nonetheless, my man is doing his part. Got to love that passion!

And you may be asking yourself...what are Dave and Barack talking about in that picture. How about this:

Dave: You know Carly's from Illinois right? I mean, you represent Illinois, so you'd have to know she's from there.

Barack: Dave, I thought you were doing this free show for me...but I'm beginning to believe this is just to get Carly's attention....

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