Frolicking on a Thursday

So I took the day on Thursday to run some errands and breathe a bit from work. I didn't get much done but shopping, but nonetheless, I enjoyed myself!
I ate at this awesome vegetarian place (Curly's ) and had lunch by my lonesome. It was actually nice! The place was really small and cute and in an awesome location. It was so pretty out that I just people watched and enjoyed my veggie food! http://www.curlyslunch.com/

I also went shopping in Soho and explored a bit. I walked a total of 120 or so blocks (to and from Soho from my apartment). While looking around, I saw a very good looking guy and decided to see who was lucky enough to be on his arm. Turns out actress Alexis Bledel was. You may know her from Gilmore Girls, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants or my personal favorite, Sin City. I don't believe her boyfriend was anyone famous...however as I looked to see if there were pictures of him on the net, I realized she dated Milo Ventimiglia from Heroes a while back. Milo is of course now with Hayden Panettiere (also from Heroes). Now that would've been a much better boyfriend sighting!

I also had drinks with an old college buddy who is now working for Dow Jones. Thursday was a good day with the exception of the return of Mr. Mosquito. Left eye this time. Not my eyelid thankfully, but definitely underneath my eye is swollen. Why am I so sexy?

Update: No call from Jordan Palmer yet.

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