Heaven in Jersey?

<--FYI, not from Sunday, but an idea of my view

Turns out Carson not starting Sunday's was the farthest thing from lame ever. Ever.

I don't know if anyone can begin to understand the bliss that I experienced on Sunday and am still trying to fully comprehend today.

Picture it. The Jets host the Bengals, my boys. Because I worked with the Bengals in the 05' season, my Jet's boss thought it would be good that I help them in Sunday's game (the Bengals had called the Jets requesting some help on the field.)

Sunday I spent the afternoon on the Jet's field, but on the Bengal's sideline. It was magic. I stood next to Carson for most of the game. I was the point person to communicate all injuries to the press box...so had to stand next to the Motorola phone box which happened to be directly beside the quarterback's bench.

I won't go on too much, but simply picture this and think of its effect on myself:

I'm on the Bengals sideline (next to the bench) during a regular season game. Dave Matthews music is literally playing throughout the game. Heaven.

The experience was unbelievable. TJ and Chad were discussing routes in front of me. Carson was to my left with hot bro Jordan.

Tis true ladies...I have been loving the wrong Palmer brother! For three years, I've been living a football crush lie!!

Carson is quite the man, but he's married. Jordan is single and ready to mingle. He's a spitting image of Carson, but a little less "serious." I'm pretty sure I wooed him with my, "I-am-a-business-woman-who-loves-football-and-likes-to-have-fun-but-doesn't-care-that-you're-a-Bengal-and-Carson's-brother-because-I'm-a-focused-business-woman" moves.

We'll see if he calls me for New Years.

Also, my brother and fasha saw me on TV. Woo-woo! And what was I doing or better yet, who was I standing by? Well, I had my injury list in hand and was next to my future brother-in-law, Carson of course!

Yes, Sunday was what dreams are made of. Oh my life right now...it's good.

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