Wouldn't it be funny if ... I would have gotten a backstage pass to meet Dane Cook at the Isolated Incident Global Thermal Comedy Tour in New Jersey?

Well, that was the hope. DC put out a call to his peeps to send a photo with their tickets and with the help of roomie, I submitted a pic - get under my umbrella, ella, ella, eh, eh. As you can see mine was probably super PG compared to the ones he received but that's how I roll. Worth a shot, right? Regardless, I really thought this was going to be it. I had hope. I was nervous. But alas, it was a no go. I guess he just wasn't ready.

Even without a golden ticket the show was good. What’sHisName (seriously, I didn’t catch it and couldn’t find it online) and Robert Kelly opened and the laughter began. I think I owe Robert an apology. I’ve said in the past that I didn’t think he was that funny but he totally changed my mind. Losing 70 lbs … don’t worry I’ll be back … and getting married must have done wonders and gave him hilarious material.

But after the initial ha ha, it was time. Dane came barreling down the isle and took the stage – the stage I was 8 rows away from!! There is no doubt he brought the funny, mixing some old with some new, and was true to style. No topic was left untouched and he, of course, was heavy handed with the sexual bits – hell, I’d be disappointed if he wasn’t. However, I couldn’t help but hope the tweens sitting in front of me didn’t know what he was talking about. God, I’m old. But no, shut up, wait ... the BAMF actually came out for an encore. Gotta love that! More Dane, yes please!

All I gotta say is I can’t wait for May 17th, Comedy Central, Isolated Incident. Enff said. You hang up, no you hang up …

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