Let me count the ways

I do not like Jessica Simpson. I wish she would go away. No, I do not like Jessica Simpson. When I say that I like Ashlee Simpson more than Jessica...that's saying a lot...or actually...probably not much at all. Whatever way you choose to look at it.

Current People magazine quote: "I just told him (Tony Romo) today, 'You're the love of my life,'" she (Jessica Simpson) confesses in the latest cover story. "I don't really ever say that to anybody."

Really Jessica...really? Never say/said that to anyone? Hmm...let me think back...

Didn't you express your love for John Mayer on the cover of People magazine as well?

And let us not forget poor Nick Lachey...WHO YOU WERE MARRIED TO! Was he not the "love of your life" on your wedding day at least?

Why does she (and the media) feel the need to tell us everytime (every 3 months) she falls in love? The only person I've ever told I've loved is that red velvet cupcake I had years ago...but it wouldv'e never worked, so I ate it.

But the REAL reason I hate Jessica Simpson is because she's a pink jersey-wearer...the worst! Turns out...if you want to wear a jersey and you're female, it has to pink. How cute...erg!

What's double annoying is that she is acting like she knows what is going on in the game and on the field and that just gets my goat. -------------->


Megan said...

Hi, I haven't met you yet, but I am Megan, Heather's college roomie and I just wanted to let you know I COMPLETELY agree with your blog. Nicely put!!

Roomie said...

Aww Meggie, I heart you for reading the blog and commenting. :)