There goes my hero....

Stayed in last night, watching Sex & the City, after walking home from work...from 52nd and Broadway to 80th and York. That's a walk folks. I talked to my dad the whole way, so it went by fast. He was telling me of the awesome supper he was making, while my mouth watered. He was making my favorite okra stew (yes it's yummy, don't knock it til you try it!), brown rice and a new tomato pie that also sounded very awesome. I was jealous.

I am going to try the walk home again and let me tell you why. Eggplant hero with cheese fries.

That was my dinner last night. Delivered and delish.

On a non-food note...I'm picking up my niece in Connecticut this weekend (Sunday) to come hang with me in the City. I'm going to take her to Times Square to all of the fun stuff (Go Build-a-Bear and Toys R' Us!) and possibly Central Park or Bronx zoo. I also plan to take her to Crumbs Bake Shop... a little cupcake shop that has peaked my interest since I walked by it my second day of work. I guess we will end up on a food note. ;)


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Nic said...

PLEASE keep up with the pics and stories, this is great Car!!! XOXOX