I just read an interesting New York Times article: "Newcomers Adjust, Eventually, to New York." Give it a gander and you will understand the following...

I think I've had my "honey, I'm home" moment already. So soon? Oh yes. I believe it came on our drive into the city. I saw the skyline and knew this was it for me.
However, even with that moment there must come adjustments - as with moving any where. The main things I'm trying to get used to at the moment include the constantly changing smells on the streets, the possibility of paying $15 for a sandwich and, of course,...dun, dun, dun...the subway. So far I've been able to find my way around but I'm looking forward to the time when I can hop on a train and, no matter what, know where I'm heading. But that too will come in time and I can't wait!

The only problem I do have with the article is that it's missing two very important things...the newly deemed NYC roomies!...It would have given the article a fabulous edge. Don't you agree? :)

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