Miracle on 42nd street

So I had myself quite the day off. This was my first day off (not counting that one Sunday) since I moved here (I count moving as working FYI)...so I decided I'd be a girl about town. I slept in a bit and was awoken by the cable guy (thank you Zeus that we were first on the route) at 10 am. He really could've screwed my day up by coming towards the end of this shift which was 2:00 pm. I would've been penned to my apartment until he arrived. But he didn't and I was happy about it.

The dude was completely annoying and talked the whole time. I was still opening my eyes, and he was talking about how he was from New Jersey, but lived in California because he was in the military (he said that really cocky-like, like I was supposed to be all goo-goo, gaa-gaa about it). He then just moved back to New York. He asked what I did, blah, blah, blah. Didn't know what public relations was...blah, blah, blah. He managed to mess up the cable twice and took an hour to finally install it. At the end of his blab fest, he asked if I was single. While I was thoroughly annoyed at the time, it helped the self-esteem. If I could get hit on while I barely awake and in a orange Illinois sweatshirt with purple jogging pants...I had a shot in this city!

Anyhoo - I decided to stroll down to Grand Central Station to check out the scene. I'm picking up my niece this weekend and wanted to make sure I'd be set and know my way around so I didn't miss my train (I have to leave from Grand Central to get her). Plus it was pretty outside, and I wanted an excuse to explore.
On my way I saw Whitney from America's Next Top Model and I still don't get how she won, but that's just me being catty. Nonetheless, for some reason the sight of her made me want coffee so I jumped in a Starbucks and grabbed some green tea (I know not coffee...but you get the point).

I got to Grand Central station (42nd and Lex) and it was amazing! I had seen it from the outside, but in the inside is incredible. Beautiful. What was even better was the Grand Central Market...OMG. I almost died. I ended up buying a homemade vegetable potpie that I'm very excited about! I know I'll be back to try all of the other goodies they had - many cupcakes. Many cupcakes!
On my way back, I grabbed a chicken sandwich (all veggie baby!) at our favorite Zen . They were out of regular fries, so I got yam fries...very delish. Of course, I also had to get a snack wrap for later (possible tomorrow if I'm hungover). I also got a card for to get my 10th meal free...woo-woo. Will look forward to that free one and will be sure to go huge!

I also stopped in Bed, Bath & Beyond to buy an over-the-door hanger for my hats and purses (trying to save space here!). I didn't realize it when I had visited it before in Illinois or Kentucky...but now know why it is Bed, Bath and Beyond. The place had everything! It was three levels and like a Wal-Mart. VERY different than any other location I had ever been too. Of course I got behind the crazies in every line (I switched line three times because of this), but was complimented on my white bag...so I was happy.

I just realized I have just written a book, so I'm done for now. It's Friday and Heather and I are ready to find us some men...so I will keep you posted until then!

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